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A comprehensive tool for solving geometry homework and math word problems. Whether you're a student, parent, teacher, or professional, our app is your go-to resource for all your geometry needs.
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Learn geometry with us

Use advanced features including AI assistant powered by ChatGPT to solve word problems, live previews, step-by-step solutions, export to gallery and weight calculator.

Certified by teachers

We're an Educational App Store certified app. With the endorsement from the Educational App Store, educators and students can confidently integrate Geometry Solver app into their classrooms and parents can have their peace of mind.

Awarded by the professionals

Geometry Solver has been honored with #11 place in the 'Mobile Learning in Action' awards in the Math category. Experience the award-winning app and witness firsthand why it has garnered such high acclaim.

110+ geometric shapes

Our Geometry Solver app provides quick and accurate solutions for calculating perimeter, surface area, and volume of over 110 2D and 3D shapes. Whether it's triangles, circles, spheres, or pyramids, we've got you covered.

AI Assistant

Say goodbye to the frustration of solving complex math word problems. Our AI assistant, powered by ChatGPT, helps you break down and solve any math word problem step-by-step, making math a less daunting task.

Step-by-step solutions

Understand the logic behind each calculation with our detailed step-by-step solutions. You'll gain valuable insights into the problem-solving process, helping you learn and improve your math skills.

Export to gallery

Easily export your calculations and solutions to your gallery and share them with your friends, classmates, or colleagues. Collaborate, discuss, and learn together.

Weight calculator

Discover the weight of any given shape by choosing a material and density. Our weight calculator feature provides accurate weight calculations, making it ideal for projects that involve construction, manufacturing, or design.

Live previews

Experience real-time shape transformations as you change any property - whether it's adjusting the dimensions or angles. Witness the immediate visual impact of your modifications.

Formulas cheat sheet

Access a comprehensive collection of formulas at your fingertips, providing you with instant reference for calculating the surface area, volume, and other essential properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

How will you benefit?

With over 110 2D and 3D shapes, an AI assistant powered by ChatGPT, step-by-step solutions, and a weight calculator feature, our app is designed to make geometry calculations and math problem-solving a breeze.


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Solve Geometry Problems with Ease: Our Geometry Solver app provides quick and accurate solutions for calculating perimeter, surface area, and volume of over 110 2D and 3D shapes. Whether it's triangles, circles, spheres, or pyramids, we've got you covered.

Loved by the users

Join hundreds of thousand users who experienced a significant improvement in their geometry skills.

I can and have done most of these formulas with a calculator over my career but I don’t have to these days. This app is well organized, professional in its appearance and functionality.

Well designed

The list of geometric shapes just keeps growing! Please if you could add a kite shape, that would be awesome. Thank you.

Regular updates

What a great app. Clear and concise. Easy to use and view. Shows formulas. Even links out to wikipedia for further info on a particular shape or exercise. Impressive! Thanks Devs!

This is amazing

Geometry Solver app has been a game-changer for me as a math teacher. It saves me so much time and helps my students understand geometry concepts better. There are frequent improvements and updates.

A game changer

Geometry Solver includes all the shapes I am likely to need. The variables are clearly indicated and a pop-up window is provided indicating the formula applied. It all makes for a very useful app.

Ultimate Geometry Solver

I struggled with math word problems, but the AI Word Problem Assistant in this app has made it so much easier for me. I can finally tackle complex problems with confidence.

AI Assist rules!

Supercharge Your Math Skills with Geometry Solver!

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